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krásná cesta: a beautiful journey

A travel blog of many adventures in Prague, CZ. 

Final Days

Sydney Jones

Parents to Praha

Sydney Jones

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sydney Jones

Rome, Italy

Sydney Jones

More info to come! 

Positano, Italy

Sydney Jones

More Info to come!

Florence, Italy aka Firenze

Sydney Jones

Next stop: Milan, Italy

Sydney Jones


Spring Break: Italy

Sydney Jones

Starting off traveling through Italy in Venice! 

We passed some beautiful sights flying to Italy, and we got to ride a water bus into the city! 

Our hostel was great, and with the sun shining we just roamed the city letting the spirits guide us. Venice is a beautiful city to get lost in. We ate a delicious meal of Scampi Risotto, and some great Italian wine. 

(click to enlarge)

I got to see awesome Murano glass pieces and a lot of hidden treasures, We sadly did not get to ride in a gondola, but I will be back some day.  

Budapest, Hungary

Sydney Jones

Adventures on our first day in Budapest, showed to be an interesting sight. We happened to go on their "spring cleaning day" which we researched after walking down the streets piled high with unwanted remnants of peoples past years.

Shoes on the Danube Bank 

It was an eyeopening experience to stand where 60 Budapest Jews were shot into the Danube river, and made to leave their only valuable item, their shoes. This beautiful iron installation conceived by Can Togay and created by sculptor Gyula Pauer is a memorial to honor all of the Jews killed by the Arrow Cross Militiamen. 

Hungarian Parliament Building

Chain Bridge

Vajdahunyad Castle

Pesti Disznó: delicious bistro we ate dinner at 

Hosök tere: The Heroes' Square

With no set plan and uncomfortable sleep on an 8 hour train ride, 7 of us girls wandered the streets of Budapest seeing beautiful sights, eating delicious food, relaxing in baths, and making great memories. 

Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Life updates!

Sydney Jones

Uprum academy of arts architecture & design

Beautiful and simply made screen printed shirts with perfect display and matching tags, fabric constructed from cut out shirt tags, and excellently crafted hanging lights. 

We got to visit the Umprum student exhibition earlier this month. The students here are so talented and innovative. Seeing their work definitely made me want to push myself more! 

(click photos to enlarge)

Art2Wear Umprum edition? 

Czech Culinary Arts and Culture Creations over the couple of weeks! We make A LOT of bread! I can proudly say I know how to correctly poach an egg 

In the meantime I have visited the Kafka Museum, seen a great new band The Weather Machines, ate some delicious food including my first crepes, made a beautiful pizza, and seen some people enjoying life to the fullest. P.S. I was made to live in Europe.. I can get cake and coffee everywhere (two of my favorite things) 

The Dancing House : Frank Gehry

sandwiched between work by our guest lecturer: Adéla Svobodová

Above are the latest projects I have been working on in Kiln Glass. I am creating a a clear glass plate focusing on geometry and texture. First step is to fuse the glass together then slump it into a plate mold. In total there are 142 pieces of glass I have hand cut. On the second row are pictures of tests I did for my broaches, which I am hopefully turning into necklaces. My final design is shown in the last picture. Fingers crossed they don't slide! 

My own personal tour guide

Sydney Jones

Above and below are photographs of the

Schönbrunn Palace

This massive palace is on multiple acres and is composed of 1,441 rooms. You could wander the gardens for a whole day. Throughout the gardens and woods surrounding it we stumbled upon many massive fountains! I hope to come back when nature is in full bloom! 

Today I was blessed to be shown around by a good camp friend, Cameron, who shared her love and knowledge of Vienna by showing us around to a lot of the beautiful sites shown below. 

St. Stephen's Cathedral: Most beautiful church I have ever stepped foot in. 


Among the many visits to palaces we got delicious cupcakes at Brass Monkey, saw beautiful architecture including the Vienna State Opera House, and some horses playing the accordion. 

Hofburg Palace

Fun Fact: Hitler once made a speech on the balcony, now speeches are band there. 

Salzburg, Austria

Sydney Jones

Bryles and I took a day trip to Salzburg, Austria. This city is absolutely breathtaking with the alps in the distance. I did a short tour around the city and learned some fun facts, and got to go up to a lookout with this amazing view. Salzburg is actually quite small, only a population of 150,000, but 1.5 million tourists visit a year. This city is also home of the oldest restaurant in Europe dating back the the 700s. The castle in the upper right hand corner took 600 years to build! 

Along the way we of course saw the Mirabell Palace and Gardens as well as the Leopoldskron Palace, both places where the famous Sound of Music was filmed. I only hope to come visit when things are in bloom.

Our wonderful views from the train ride into Salzburg

Vienna, Austria

Sydney Jones

Breath Deep (:

After missing our train Thursday night, we finally made it to Vienna Friday afternoon! We checked into our hostel and explored the area around us. Lucky for us we were right by the canal, where we discovered amazing street art, as well as some daily advice to breath deep. 

I also discovered a small outdoor fiber art installation woven through

fencing. Inspiration and Ideas flowing strong in this beautiful city 

Berlin Grafitti

Sydney Jones

East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall

Amazing contemporary street art

Adventures of climbing walls and discovering some talented street artist's work! 

The Molecule Man

Part of an installation series by American artist Jonathan Borofsky. His other installations are amazing! Check out more of his work at

Berlin, Germany

Sydney Jones

Bauhaus Archives

Alexander Platz Area

Berlin Cathedral 

A visit to the market 

Pergamon Museum: ancient Mesopotamian artifacts

Excursion II

Sydney Jones

Ajeto Glass Factory in Lindava

Reichstag Dome | Berlin Parliament Building

Brandenburg Gate

Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe 

Topography of Terrors

Berlinale : Film Festival

Praha Zoo

Sydney Jones

the most beautiful bird I have ever seen 

(Click photos to enlarge)

We went to the Praha zoo yesterday. Zoos always give me mixed emotions about caging animals but what a sight they were to see. There were many animals I had never heard or seen of in my life, and some species like gorillas had been removed due to the winter season. The most interesting find were these giant foxes (actually a type a wolf). We also saw hyenas that look like dogs + lions, a lot of Komodo dragon, flamingos, lions, tigers, monkeys (my favorite!) and more. 

Awesome street art found while exploring after the zoo.