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krásná cesta: a beautiful journey

A travel blog of many adventures in Prague, CZ. 

Dobrý den

Sydney Jones

Dobrý den from my window

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Woke up to a beautiful sky this morning. Here are some examples of what we have made in kiln glass so far. We have played around with cutting glass and painting it, as well as fusing other found objects with glass. Above you can see the before and after of a couple pieces. I also tried encasing gummy bears and they completely disappeared in the firing process. 

The piece below is my favorite!

I fused a piece of copper and a tea bag between the glass and this was the results.

My Curatorial Studies professor took us to an exhibition opening at the National Gallery tonight. The work displayed was extremely contemporary, but I did enjoy quite a few pieces. My favorite was this huge tapestry piece made of this broken red reflective material.

Here is a picture of our hostel and the inside. We are basically living in dorms, suite style and sharing a common kitchen and bathroom space. Everyone is coming down with colds sadly but we are powering through for class. We also had our first family dinner consisting of everything under the sun including KFC! The last picture is a photo of my favorite view of the city that I have discovered so far. The city lights at night are absolutely breathtaking.