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krásná cesta: a beautiful journey

A travel blog of many adventures in Prague, CZ. 


Sydney Jones

Say Yes Dog

Spur of the moment decided to go to a free concert at Roxy, a local bar. Say Yes Dog performed and they were awesome. (Their abbreviation just happens to be my nickname :D )  I got to meet the band after! Another group of Americans that are studying at a local university met us out there as well! A couple of the girls actually go to UNCW. 

In Czech Culinary class we prepared homemade strudels, one was pork butt and sauerkraut with a puréed onion soup and for dessert an apple and walnut strudel. We also celebrated out lovely friend Kacey's 21st birthday with delicious homemade cake by chef Lizzy and Anna.

P.S. They have a delicious salmon salad here!