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krásná cesta: a beautiful journey

A travel blog of many adventures in Prague, CZ. 

Life updates!

Sydney Jones

Uprum academy of arts architecture & design

Beautiful and simply made screen printed shirts with perfect display and matching tags, fabric constructed from cut out shirt tags, and excellently crafted hanging lights. 

We got to visit the Umprum student exhibition earlier this month. The students here are so talented and innovative. Seeing their work definitely made me want to push myself more! 

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Art2Wear Umprum edition? 

Czech Culinary Arts and Culture Creations over the couple of weeks! We make A LOT of bread! I can proudly say I know how to correctly poach an egg 

In the meantime I have visited the Kafka Museum, seen a great new band The Weather Machines, ate some delicious food including my first crepes, made a beautiful pizza, and seen some people enjoying life to the fullest. P.S. I was made to live in Europe.. I can get cake and coffee everywhere (two of my favorite things) 

The Dancing House : Frank Gehry

sandwiched between work by our guest lecturer: Adéla Svobodová

Above are the latest projects I have been working on in Kiln Glass. I am creating a a clear glass plate focusing on geometry and texture. First step is to fuse the glass together then slump it into a plate mold. In total there are 142 pieces of glass I have hand cut. On the second row are pictures of tests I did for my broaches, which I am hopefully turning into necklaces. My final design is shown in the last picture. Fingers crossed they don't slide!