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Project Iris


NC State University Undergraduate Research Grant 

It is time to give hospitalized children a chance to live and be themselves. This collection of paper, home, and accessory goods is aimed at creating a positive atmosphere for the physical and mental healing and well being of kids at children’s hospitals. Sydney was ignited to make a change to the existing clinical healthcare environment through her involvement with nonprofit organizations the benefit Duke Children’s Hospital: Dance Marathon at NC State and Arts for Life. These prints were created through the Japanese paper marbling, Suminigashi. These products were sold to create awareness and funding. Sydney raised over $300 for Duke Children’s Hospital!  

After working with patients being treated at Duke Children’s hospital and designed IRIS WEAR: The Children’s Wearable Blanket with Easy Port Access. Along with this wearable design came the creation of the HOPE TOTE. The Hope Tote is a grab and go essential bag given to patients on their entry for a hospital stay to carry while wandering the hospital halls. Inside patients will find information about Duke and the Durham area activities (coloring books, coloring materials), sanitizing items (hand sanitizer, kleenex), and other essentials (chapstick, mints,  lotion, etc). 10 Hope Totes were created with donated materials and given to Duke Children’s Hospital and were raffled off to the children. 


Photograph of Sydney + blanket by Bryan Murphy

Please contact or view his work at

Other product photography done by Sydney Jones


Check out the published articles written about this project at the following links:  (pg. 63)